• I use VS Code as my editor.
  • The theme I use is City Lights, it's a nice dark theme and is the one you see on this website on any code snippets.
  • I use Berkeley Mono from Berkeley Graphics, well worth the £60 it cost in my eyes, even if my friends make fun of me for spending that much on a font.
  • Windows terminal with zsh, by using WSL on Windows 11.
  • For note taking and brainstorming I use Obsidian which uses markdown and is linked up to my Google Drive so I can access my notes from anywhere.


  • I built my own PC - it has an AMD Ryzen 5600X, 32GB RAM, and somehow my GTX 970 is still chugging along 😱.
  • My keyboard is a Corsair K70 which I'm using until all the parts arrive for a custom keyboard I'm going to build.