Hi! I'm Connor Dowson, a front end web developer based in Bristol, UK

Connor Dowson

About me

A senior front end web developer currently working at Shelter and living in Bristol. I graduated from the University of Gloucestershire in 2019 with a degree in Computing.

I enjoy creating websites as a way to combine technical and creative skills - any projects shown here are either university work, or have been completed in my free time.

In my free time I enjoy listening to music 🎵 (check out my record collection), watching football (I'm a Bristol City season ticket holder) ⚽, and drinking cider 🍻.

Map of Great Britain


Portfolio - this website

The portfolio you're on right now! Created with Astro, SolidJS, and hosted on Netlify.

  • Astro
  • SolidJS

CALCIO! - football blog

A football blog created using Sanity. The official AS Roma twitter account shared one of our posts 🤯!

  • Remix
  • Sanity

Picturesque pints

A small blog to post any pints I drink with a nice bit of scenery when I'm travelling. On each post you can see the local price paid, and the UK price converted using an exchange rate API. Also uses Mapbox to show the location on a map.

  • Astro
  • Sanity

algorhythm - dissertation

My dissertation project - created using Django - which recommended new music to users based on their current listening habits found using the Spotify API. I received a first for this project 🥇.

  • Django
  • Sass
  • PostgreSQL


Random posts, mostly about web dev 👨‍💻, music 🎶, and anything else that I find interesting. View all posts.

What I've been listening to

My top played songs from the Spotify API (so I can't hide any embarrassing ones).