How to use any VS Code theme in Astro with Shiki syntax highlighter

Connor Dowson

Blog by Connor Dowson

Astro uses Shiki as it’s default syntax highlighter which can use any VS Code theme - most should be available on GitHub. You’ll have to find the GitHub repo to use the theme, once you’ve found the repo, the themes .json file should be in the /themes folder of the repo.

First download the VS Code theme’s json file. I’ll be using the City Lights theme. Download this json file into your project, I’ve put mine in the root and named it city-lights.json.

After this, you can set your theme by updating the Shiki config in your astro.config.mjs file. Set the theme.settings attribute to the tokenColors from the theme you’ve imported.

import { defineConfig } from "astro/config"
import cityLights from "./city-lights.json";

export default defineConfig({

  markdown: {
    shikiConfig: {
      theme: {
        name: "city-lights",
        type: "dark",
        settings: cityLights.tokenColors,